ASK Consulting LLC

ASK, Consulting, LLC is a financial services industry consulting company with investment advisory, third party administration, and insurance agency operating units.  ASK retains a “bench” of consultants with expertise in various aspects of the financial services industry.  ASK consultants provide the New Economic Order Planning Program distribution platform to life insurance companies, independent marketing organizations, insurance agencies, and insurance agents.

ASK consultants also designed a proprietary fintech program that integrates a personalized capital accumulation plan with a proposal system for qualified retirement plans and non-qualified retirement plans.   Guaranteed outcome defined qualified retirement plans integrate pension whole life insurance and pension fixed, index annuity products.  Guaranteed outcome, non-qualified retirement plans integrate leverage and indexed universal life insurance.

ASK funds multi-generation research projects that develop economic education programs, earnings management, savings management, and endowment creation planning programs, and evidence-based brain function management communication, marketing, and sales systems.  Sponsored research projects include the Economics of Life Research Project and the Doctors Economic Research Project, which were initiated in 1971, the Agent of Progress Research Project, which was initiated in 1974, and the Permanent Endowment Research Project, which was initiated in 1981.

ASK, Consulting, LLC owns intellectual property which includes the Progress Project strategic plan and the New Economic Order Planning Program. The New Economic Order Planning Program is a distribution channel for legal reserve life insurance companies, commercial banks, and qualified retirement plan and non-qualified plan design and administration firms.  ASK also owns licensing rights for the use of the Agent of Progress Communication, Marketing, and Sales System, and various related economic education, marketing, and sales support resources.

Specially trained New Economic Order Planning Program financial/endowment Counselors implement New Economic Order Planning Program savings management and guaranteed life income planning programs for savers age 55 to 74, catastrophic loss protection and guaranteed life income planning programs for Millennials and GenXer’s, earnings protection, earnings management and savings management planning programs  for Highly Productive Individuals, including doctor and non-doctor business owners, and asset protection, wealth transfer, and endowment creation planning programs for Affluent Individuals and 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations.